Giving your space a much-needed refresh does not require a stressful laundry list of million-dollar projects. The changes can be quick and budget-friendly! Here are 5 easy ways to give your space a refresh using accessories. 



  1. Lighting 


Adjusting lighting levels can transform a bright and energetic space into a cozy and relaxing one (or vice versa). Changing the position of lights can enhance the functionality of your living spaces. Improve productivity and make daily tasks easier by strategically placing task lights in areas where you need focused illumination, such as above your workspace or kitchen counter.


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  1. Mirrors


Mirrors reflect light and bounce it around the room, making even small spaces appear spacious and airy. Mirrors enhance the natural light in any room. Placing mirrors strategically across from windows or light sources allows them to capture and amplify the incoming light, brightening up the space and reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day.  


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  1. Art 


You want your space to reflect you & your personality! Adding wall art or decor is a great way to add to your style. 


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  1. Rugs 


Rugs are often overlooked as home accessories. Rugs add color, depth, and a sense of style to spice up any dead floor space.  It is said that the floor is the 5th wall of your house and rugs are a great home accessory for the dining room, living room, or entryway in your home. 


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  1. Layout


You can optimize the arrangement of furniture to better suit your needs and lifestyle by rearranging your furniture. You can create designated areas for specific activities, such as a cozy reading nook or an inviting entertainment zone. Secondly, rearranging furniture can breathe new life into your space and give it a fresh look. 

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