While my home style is more neutral, I would add a few accent pieces and wall art for pops of very peri throughout my home. I love the idea of a Very Peri vase, wine glasses, or bringing in pops of it with an area rug. It looks great with neutrals such as gray or even wood tones.

 I love whimsical colors and can easily see Very Peri incorporated into a fun dressing room! I picture a full-size floor mirror, placed in the center of a Very Peri arch! I would add a few other light whimsical colors to this as well, a rug with a bit of color pop paired with a periwinkle pouf.

A fun way to incorporate Very Peri into my space is through the use of fun patterned throw pillows. Pillows are a great way to add any color to your space without making a major commitment. You can swap them out seasonally to help keep your home fresh. - Kaitlynn

Spray paint is your friend – especially with seasonal or trending colors! Find a bottle, vase or décor item (maybe something aged or thrifted) and spray paint it! For little cost, you can take a piece from drab to fab and on trend! (Why pay lots when for a trendy colored accessory, when you could get crafty and DIY it?!)

As a lover of Pastels, I would incorporate the color in the form of an area rug, specifically a checkered peri winkle and white patterned rug. I would let that be the main focal point of the living room and surround it with a giant comfy sectional—in a neutral cover. Adding pastel accents around the room. Very springy that can also work year round when pair with more vibrant warm tones.

I love Art Deco/Modern look and the new Pantone Veri Peri is a great pop of color to add to my personal style. I want to add textured accessories like furry throw pillows in my living room. I also can see this in my kitchen for some canisters on my counter or maybe some curtains.

I was first planning to paint my bathroom this color. Instead, I am actually going to paint my bedroom. This is one of my favorite color schemes, it's very relaxing and brings out peace and calmness. It also speaks a certain royalty. I love all shades from blues to purples!