An Introduction to Biophilic Design- BIOWHAT? Don’t worry we aren’t talking about the human anatomy or dissecting frogs! 


So many of us spend hours of our day in front of our screens, maybe it's for work, school, or entertainment. Research tells us that stepping away from our computers, phones, and flatscreens and spending some time in a green space can improve a person's overall health. Spending time in nature has many positive benefits on our mood, stress levels, and cognitive well-being.  


Do you love nature and design? If so, have you ever considered utilizing Biophilic Design in your space? 


If you were to Google Biophilic Design, you would find plenty of information on how architects incorporate nature in buildings and the many health benefits of this design approach much like spending time outdoors. 


How can you implement the concept of Biophilic Design in your space? 


Consider natural materials for your window treatments. 


At Old Brick, we work with Graber, a window treatment company that produces beautiful Natural Shades that can be light filtering or room darkening depending on personal preference and application. 


For furniture and accent pieces use fabrics with natural texture and organic shapes found in nature. 


If you're a plant lover, you'll love Biophilic Design, which uses plants and water sounds to create a relaxing environment. If you are not blessed with a green thumb don't worry, there are plenty of gorgeous faux options on our website! 


Old Brick Inspiration 



Living Room Inspo:






Pictured Here: 


Puckman Accent Chair 


Root Ball End Table


Root Ball Cocktail Table 


Cypress Globes 


Rennick Wood Wall Square


Montsant Table Lamp





Dining Room Inspo: 


Pictured Here: 


Nature's Edge 6pc Dining Set 


Nature's Edge Sideboard


Fasita Planter 


Volterra Table Lamp

Cambridge Handmade Area Rug



Color Palette:





Take these designs and make them your own. Bringing nature into your home in a variety of ways helps ground us and relieve stress. Our Design Team is here to help every step of the way! Start Your Project Today!