Here at Old Brick, we are so pleased to provide a variety of in-stock furniture for every taste and budget. 


We label each piece of furniture on our website in one of three categories to help you easily differentiate and confidently choose the piece that is best for you at the price you want.


These categorize furniture based on value, price, and quality.   



- Top of the Line

- Premium

- Exceptional Quality

- Handcrafted

- Custom 


Best furniture only uses the best materials and craftsmanship. These pieces are typically handcrafted or fully customizable. 


Best furniture includes premium features, crafted with explicit attention to detail, and quality to last for generations. 


Examples of BEST Furniture


  1. Denver Cherry Queen Freeform Headboard 
  2. Fenwick Leather Power Reclining Sofa w/ Power Headrests 
  3. Teak Sofa 


They are made with high-quality materials and beautiful craftsmanship. 


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Moderately Priced

- Functional

- Dependable

- Custom Options

- Solid Construction 


Better furniture comes with style, including some custom design. These moderately priced pieces are generally stylish with attention to detail. 


Better furniture offers solid functionality and everyday dependability to last decades. 


Perfect examples of stylish BETTER furniture:


  1. Madison County 7pc Dining Set 
  2. San Mateo Queen Storage Bed 
  3. Traemore Sofa


At a moderate price, these pieces are an excellent choice for any home! 


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- Budget-Friendly

- Economical

- Basic Design

- Fewer Options 


Good furniture comes at a great value. These budget-friendly pieces are an economical solution for your living space. 


At Old Brick, if an item does not reach the Good threshold, we will not carry it. 


Good furniture is a great choice if you are looking for an economical solution to last several years. 


Budget-friendly GOOD options that will give any space an upgrade:

  1. Jorie 6pc Dining Set 
  2. Laura Foil Grey Queen Storage Bed 
  3. Albany Pewter Sofa 


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