Who is Loloi? 


Loloi is a trending brand taking over the rug industry. They focus on the process of rug making to make sure their rugs are produced responsibly. Loloi is committed to the craft of rug making - producing their rugs by hand in India where they keep the tradition of rug-making alive. Each step of the process is done with an immense amount of care and attention from the artisan at hand. 


"Bringing new life to an old craft"


Loloi produces ethically & responsibly 


With the help of GoodWeave, a non-profit organization that works with large companies to ensure that their factories are free from child, forced, or bonded labor, Loloi is able to produce their rugs responsibly. Partnering with GoodWeave allows Loloi’s customers to feel satisfied knowing that their rug was produced responsibly. 


One of a kind designs 


Loloi designs rugs that not only look amazing now but also in 10 years when the trends and styles have changed. Their focus is to create unique inspired designs for the unique and inspired people and homes. With a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, styles, and materials there is truly something for everyone. 








Loloi has collaborated with some of the biggest designs and people in the industry. Some of their most known collaborations would include their collaborations with Magnolia Home and Amber Lewis. These collections feature the very best of both Loloi and their respective partners. 


You can shop Loloi Rugs & more at Old Brick https://bit.ly/3PQ6lMK