Happy Earth Month!


We take our own initiatives to be green and we’re mindful of the brands we carry and the steps they take towards sustainability.


We'll share a few fun eco facts of our own as well as a few brands that take pride in their steps to reduce their footprints. 


Old Brick's Eco-Initiatives  


Furniture Disposal


Furniture disposal has quite an impact on our environment, especially mattresses. Instead of sending old customer mattresses to the landfill, we ship them to Long Island to be broken down properly for recycling. (We remove old mattresses with any new mattress purchase over $499!)


Instead of sending your old furniture to the landfill - check for local partners like the Capital Region Furniture Bank. They'll take away your old furniture bringing new comfort to someone else’s home. Your old comfort is someone’s new oasis – don’t let it go to waste!


Carboard Compactor


Our Clifton Park cardboard compactor has been working hard this last year and is expected to compact 88-90 TONS throughout 2022!


That translates to roughly 88 Geoffrey the Giraffes (we had to, don’t you remember we took over the Toys R Us?!)



Solar Power


We’ve gone solar at a couple of our locations, including our new Clifton Park warehouse where we have over 1,650 solar panels at work.


To put that in perspective our warehouse alone, in just 5-days, could light up 5 homes for a full year with the power generated. 



Old Brick Eco-Friendly Brands 

Sustainable Brands


It's important to us that our customers have sustainable-friendly brands to choose from when they shop at Old Brick. 






CertiPUR –  This certifies that the manufacturer is using foams that are the highest standard in the industry. These foams are free of emissions, high performance, and durable. 


Founded in 1938, Restonic produces the highest quality sleep products at the very best prices.


Restonic mattresses are manufactured locally right here in New York. Sourcing mattresses close to home is eco-friendly on our part.


Restonic does its own part in reducing its carbon footprint by being CertiPUR Certified as well as partnering with One Tree Planted - an "Environmental Charity that Supports Reforestation Around the World." 



CertiPUR Certified.


As a business located in Ontario, Canada, they’re part of the Toxics Reduction Program. This means they have a full Toxic Reduction Plan in place to reduce toxic substance use but also requires them to present the public with information regarding the manufacturing process + efforts to reduce toxic substances within the furniture industry. 

MAVIN (formerly Palettes by Winesburg)



MAVIN (Formerly Palettes by Winesburg) furniture is stunning and will make a statement in your home, their eco-efforts aren’t far behind making a statement of its own.


They believe in using every part of the trees they harvest. Once they’ve completed the selection process to choose only the finest grades and colors of wood to be made into furniture, they upcycle the scraps.


The remainder of the wood is constructed into industrial pallets, wood chips are made into landscaping mulch, and wood shavings are shipped to paper companies.


It doesn’t end there…they even grow their own trees and have a staff of tree caretakers to ensure they’re providing a quality product while being as sustainable as possible. 





Made in North Carolina, all Craftmaster facilities are EFEC certified (Enhancing Furniture’s Environmental Culture, and offer an Earthcare Inside program for upholstered products.


"We offer Earthcare Inside program featuring environmentally friendly products designed with you in mind. This program embraces components created from renewable or recycled materials, products that have a smaller environmental footprint while maintaining the highest quality and value."


As a member of the EFEC they take steps towards recycling waste, use soy-based cushions vs petroleum, and use reformulated wood finishes.




Over 70% of Klaussner products are manufactured within its five manufacturing plants in North Carolina. They use springs crafted from recycled steel, with fiberfill made from recycled plastic bottles. They also pour and manufacture their own foam using a base that comes from soybean oil, rather than petroleum-based products to reduce their overall footprint. They also recycle leather, fabric scraps, and even leftover foam, and packaging materials. 




All Aireloom mattresses are handcrafted with a California design in mind - they’re CertiPUR certified and also take partner with One Tree Planted.


Other certifications include the Eco-INSTITUT certificate - this essentially means that some of the materials they use follow strict requirements on pollutants and emissions.


They also have the OEKO-TEX certification, which means their mattresses are free of harmful substances. 


No steps are too small or too big when it comes to doing our part in preserving our planet. We’re happy to do the best we can to reduce our footprint, from taking our own initiatives to carrying environmentally conscious brands for you to choose from.


If you’re shopping at Old Brick and are on the hunt for the perfect piece of furniture that’s also environmentally friendly (as much as it can be), chat with us online, or ask a member of our sales team in store to help. It’s our job to ensure you’re making the most informed purchase possible!