Did you know that most people experience neck pain as a result of both their mattress and their pillow?


Pillows are often forgotten about, they are a last-minute decision. Considering that pillows account for 30% of comfort when sleeping, it is important that we understand how different pillows will affect sleep. Spending a bit more time finding a pillow that is correct for different sleeping positions and body types can help alleviate neck pain now and in the future. 

Two Sleeping Positions to Try! 

The two easiest sleeping positions to help alleviate neck stress are side and back sleeping.



  1. Side Sleeping


When side sleeping, make sure the spine is straight and aligned with the rest of the body. One thing to keep in mind is that when sleeping on your side, the pillow should be higher under your neck than above your head. 



  1. Back Sleeping


When back sleeping, make sure that your head is not being pushed forward too much as this will create a stiff neck in the morning. Sleeping on your back does not allow the body to twist because it is in a neutral position, this can help you stay relaxed and asleep all night long. 

General Tips to Keep in Mind



Pillow Fit


Avoid using too stiff of a pillow while also making sure the pillow has enough support. 


Generally speaking, memory foam pillows are a great option because the foam contours to the curves of both your neck and head.


Remember, the best position for everyone is different. Listen to your body’s needs while also keeping in mind the best ways to relieve neck pain caused by sleeping. 


Factors in Determining What Pillow Is Best

There are many different factors that can help determine the size, shape, and support of the pillow you need. 


  • Firmness level

  • Pressure relief

  • Cooling technology


Old Brick’s Pillow Recommendations 

Here at Old Brick, we will work with you to find the best pillow for you. We will fit you for free in any of our showrooms. 


We carry Bedgear, a brand that understands that sleep is personal - temperature and teamwork all contribute to a good night's sleep. 

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