Black dining room sets can give you a brand-new look in many different styles. Love the look of modern or maybe you are traditional - here at Old Brick, we have something for everyone regardless of budget or style.


Here are our favorite black dining room sets! 

Our Pick: Madison County 5 Piece Dining Set



Why We Love It: This collection comes in different styles, shapes, and three different finishes,  but is shown here in black. This featured dining room set has a storage base with six shelves behind sliding barn doors. 



This collection is available as a round dining table set, in many different dining table set sizes, and in Barnwood Brown, Vintage White, or Vintage Black (featured).


How to Style It: This Madison County Dining Set, along with all of the Madison County Collection fits in perfectly with a country rustic/farmhouse design. This group blends rustic and natural style to bring a unique and exceptional feel to your home. Styling this collection is easy, with a natural and neutral color scheme, you can add pops of colors to reflect the current seasons & holidays along with festive patterns! 


Where to Buy: Madison 5pc Counter Height Dining Set






Our Pick: Camila 5 Piece Black Dining Chairs & Table 



Why We Love It: This set brings serious modern dining style with beautiful white marble and three chair options - silver, black, or even an upscale blue velvet look. With your choice of either a square or rectangular marble dining top. 



How to Style It: The Camila Black Dining Chairs & Table brings elegance with a modern twist. This set will bring a luxurious feel to any room or space. This set will pair perfectly with all black, white & grey with either gold or silver finishings. 

Where to Buy: Camila 5 pc Black Dining Chairs & Table






Our Pick: Manchester 7 Piece Black Dining Set


Why We Love It: This dining table set for 6 is great for every space. It comes with a table leaf that will allow you to conveniently adjust the size of your dining table to fit your needs. Additionally, this set has built-in storage to keep items such as dishes, napkins, and silverware on hand without the extra clutter. 



How to Style It: This counter-height dining set creates a casual dining atmosphere. With options for a larger dining table, counter height, or regular height and extra storage, it’s perfect for any size space. This set can be styled as modern or contemporary with jewel tones or even metals. 


Where to Buy: Manchester 7pc Black Dining Set





Our Pick: Pub Table w/ Fresno Black Stools


Why We Love It: This Mavin custom dining set is made in America with the highest quality materials. Mavin furniture can be completely customized! You can pick the dining table shape, finish, and all the details as well as the chairs! 


How to Style It: A round dining table gives a different feel to a room and can be great for smaller spaces. The black dining chairs & the contrast of the light finish of the table give a modern look. Create a contemporary space with minimal decor. 


Where to Buy: Pub Table w/ Fresno Black Stools






Are one of these black dining sets the one for you? Head into your nearest Old Brick today or shop online anytime!