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Introducing the Sleep Mapper at Old Brick Furniture

Finding the right mattress starts with The Sleep Mapper...

This amazing technology gives you a high definition body map showing your personal pressure points and recommends the best and most comfortable mattress for your unique body type.

Reveal, the company that created this technology, dates back almost 20 years and started their work in the medical industry. After their technology for hospital beds to prevent pressure wounds for patients was developed, they continued their work on wheel chair technology (also for pressure wound prevention). The technology is also being used by NASA, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Perelli Tire and the Mayo Clinic.

They have since created a system that can be used in the sleep industry. The system allows us to look at your body and sleep style, and help you select a mattress with the perfect balance of comfort and support.

Exclusively at the Better Sleep Store

The Better Sleep Store at Old Brick believes so deeply in the importance of good sleep, that we have made this investment in technology. In fact, we are the only store in the Capital District to make this investment for you.

We invite you to visit one of our stores and experience a new level of sleep. Now, exclusively, at The Better Sleep Store.

Our sales staff went through extensive training in-house to learn how to use this great technology...

store training
store training
Stop in today to try out this great new addition to The Better Sleep Store, and find the perfect mattress for you.
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