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Founded in 2006 by Amish furniture maker Irvin Byler in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, Byler’s Rustic Furniture boasts the precise craftsmanship and stylish designs that support our vision at Adirondack Furniture. At our showrooms in Syracuse and East Syracuse, you’ll find the finest bedroom, dining, living room, and office furnishings that the brand has to offer. Here’s a breakdown of Byler’s Rustic Furniture and why any piece would make a unique addition to your home.


The Amish are famous for their time-tested manufacturing processes that yield durable furnishings, which are designed to last and be passed on for generations to come. Using only the highest quality solid, natural woods oak, cedar, Colorado aspen, and hickory, Byler’s Rustic Furniture hand-crafts each piece to reflect its detail-oriented style. Techniques like dovetail, rabbet, dado, mortise, and tenon joints, along with pneumatic tools that operate on compressed air and a diesel engine, make it all possible.

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