Wondering how to decorate a guest bedroom? Let’s build it!


The holidays are coming and it's time to get ready for guests. If you have a space that can be dedicated to just guests then let’s get the guest room ready. 


What to put in a guest bedroom:


First things first - the bed 


Your guests are going to want somewhere comfy to sleep. A bedroom set that includes a bed, a nightstand, and a chest is a great option to get everything all together. This gives your guest storage space for everything they may bring with them. 


This 3-piece option is perfect for those looking to decorate their guest bedroom on a budget.


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Next, give your guests somewhere cozy to relax before bed.


Add an accent chair and a small bookcase to create a spot for your guests to relax and get some reading in. The Asanti oversized chair is great for cuddling up. 




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When considering what should be in a guest bedroom don’t forget about Storage.


Include a bookcase and leave your favorite books or journals here for your guests. Coloring books are a great addition if you have younger guests.



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Now it’s time to style the guest bedroom. 


Guest Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Add in Accessories: 


A rug brings the whole room together and creates a warm cozy atmosphere.


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Guest room lighting.


Put a lamp by the accent chair to give a gentle light for reading or relaxing. This gives your guests a way to control the lights in the room.


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Artwork will make the room feel more like a home and add a touch of your personality! 


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Extra pillows & blankets make for the ultimate comfort & relaxation for your guests, especially during these cold winter months. 


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Create a dedicated space for your guests. This gives everyone room to relax and spread out without feeling cramped and claustrophobic. Creating a warm, comfy, cozy place will help keep everyone comfortable during their stay.