There's an undeniable magic in the way people love to spend quality time with their furry companions, often sharing the coziest moments snuggled up on the furniture. Whether it's the warmth of a loyal dog nestled by your side or the gentle purring of a contented cat on your lap, these moments create bonds that go beyond words. The simple act of being together, sharing a couch or a comfy chair, reminds us of the profound joy that comes from the unconditional love and companionship our pets offer. 


While we love spending time with our furry friends, we surely don’t love having to clean up their messes, especially on the furniture so we’ve compiled a list of the best sofas for homes with pets (or kids).


Faux Leather



Stoneland Sofa


For those who love the cool look of leather but long for the warm feel of fabric, this reclining sofa delivers both with ease. Its high-performance padded faux leather is remarkably durable and easy to clean, just the thing for family spaces. Channel-stitched back cushions provide indulgent lumbar support for maximum comfort, not to mention fashion-forward flair.


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Genoa Sofa


Catering to your fashionable and relaxed lifestyle, this sofa chaise is a handsome marriage of masculine and feminine sensibilities. Soft-to-the-touch leather match upholstery, with an enhanced tone-on-tone look, levels up the affordable luxury. Whether you’re hosting guests or enjoying a night in, this piece makes a chic statement. Sophistication has never been more gorgeous.

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Navi Sofa


If you love the cool look of leather but long for the warm feel of fabric, you can take comfort in this sofa. Wrapped in a fabulous faux leather with a weathered hue and hint of pebbly texture to resemble the real deal, this decidedly modern sofa proves less is more. Elements include angled side profiling and track armrests wrapped with a layer of pillowy softness for that little something extra. Prominent jumbo stitching and clean-lined divided back styling lend fashion-forward flair.

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NireFlex Chestnut Leather Sofa


The NiroFlex Furniture Leather Sofa boasts a modern and sophisticated look that is sure to complement any home décor. Its generous size provides ample seating space, while its elegant design features, including the rich color and clean lines, add a touch of class to any room. The top-grain leather upholstery is soft to the touch and adds an element of luxury to the overall design.


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Spencer 2-Seat Sofa


Embodying the perfect combination of timeless classic and modern design, the two-seat sofa is a versatile option that can suit any living space. Beautifully tailored, this sofa features down and fiber-filled cushions with a 1.8 lbs dense foam core. A mix of textures and materials complement each other to make a creation that’s both understated and impressive. The classic design lends itself well to almost any space, while its easy-to-clean slipcover and resilient cushions mean that it can stand up to daily use without sacrificing style or comfort.


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Lainee Sofa


Smooth to the touch and soft as velvet. This irresistibly comfortable sofa is upholstered in a head-turning honey color that delights with a delicious look and feel. The plush sofa has a single cushion to prevent sagging and seat separation and posh toss pillows that perfect the richly relaxed aesthetic. 


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If you're still feeling a bit worried about those muddy paws or sticky fingers ruining the fabric, we offer protection plans to keep your mind at ease. 


Don’t let a mishap ruin your investment! Whether your purchase is fabric, leather or vinyl upholstery, area rugs, wood, or other solid surface furniture, a Protection 1st Plan will help protect it so you don't have to worry about it.

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