It’s safe to say that over the last year we’ve all spent a little extra time at home. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been giving your home a little extra TLC. That means getting rid of old furniture, clutter and re-organizing! We know the re-organization phase can be quite overwhelming – you have stuff, you might need it or you’re not ready to toss it or maybe it’s just a little something sentimental to hang onto forever. Whatever it may be, we’re going to share 7 tips to keep the cutter organized!

1)  Storage Sectional – yes, these exist and they’re wonderful for families! Here is our Grande Storage Sectional by Decor-Rest, featuring: one recliner, a pull out drawer and a chaise that lifts! The Grande sectional is perfect for stowing way living room blankets, pillows, games and maybe a few toys for the little ones! 

Pictured Above: Grande Storage Sectional

2) Storage Beds – these are perfect for the person (we’re not saying it’s YOU) who has too many clothes to store! They’re also great for small spaces that may not allow for a dresser or chest. Store away seasonal outfits, blankets, shoes or even bedding! Want to add even more storage? Opt for one of our storage beds that moonlights as a bookcase with its headboard! Have you seen our Sun Valley Bookcase Storage Bed? It's one of our favorites, it's bedroom storage with a country charm!  

Pictured Above: Sun Valley Bookcase Storage Bed

3) Lift Top + Storage Coffee Tables – tired of pesky remotes? Have handheld gaming consoles? Store them away in a place that’s easily accessible from your sofa! Coffee tables offer a variety of storage options, a simple shelf, pull thru drawers, and lift tops. They’re all equipped to store away that living room clutter we can’t get rid of! Our Cottage Lane lift top coffee table has a fascinating appeal with it's bunglalow style - check it out! 

Pictured Above: Cottage Lane Lift Top Coffee Table

4) Bookcases – you know these aren’t just for books right?! Nah, they’re for everything and they’re lovely for adding a bit of character to your home while giving your books a permanent resting place (we know you’re not actually reading them). This is also a fun place to for a couple of plants (try a vine plant and let it dangle down!), next add a few fun accessories and you’ve got yourself a bookcase filled with character that reflects YOU! The Nature's Edge 5 shelf book case is a great option for mixing books, knick knacks and plants! 

Pictured Above: Nature's Edge 5 Shelf Bookcase

5) Office File Cabinets – your home office should be a motivational space to increase your productivity. Don’t get bogged down with a mishmash of office paperwork, tuck it away and pull it out when you truly need it. The Jasper file cabinet makes the perfect addition to any existing office space! 

Pictured Above: Japser Lateral File Cabinet

6) Storage Ottomans – storage ottomans love being filled with cozy blankets + pillows! It’s a lazy Sunday, you’re on the couch and ready for a nap! Reach over, grab a blanket from your ottoman, enjoy your nap and easily return it to its home when you’re done! That’s comfort made EASY! Check this storage ottoman, it pairs perfectly with our Grande storage sectional! 

Pictured Above: Storage Ottoman

7) Accent Cabinets + Chests – these are stylish way to stay on trend and tuck away the misfit items of your home! Store seasonal décor, seasonal dining ware, arts + crafts supplies or even turn it into a storage space for pet supplies! The Global Archive Choe accent chest will bring a bit of an artsy craftsmen style to your home - storage with style! 

Pictured Above: Global Archive Chloe Accent Chest

Now that we've got you excited to start a home organization project, we invite you to shop our website and chat witih our team. We'd love to help you find the perfect storage items for you and your home! From storage to full home design projects, we're here for you.