From cozy color schemes to luxurious textures, autumn provides many chances to enhance your living area. This can be quick, easy additions or give your space a complete makeover.


Easy ways to add fall flair to your home!

Add a fluffy or chunky knit throw blanket (this can be to your sofa or even your bed- Bring out the toss pillows! Throw these on your sofa, your bed, or whatever you want to add a bit of coziness.- Add in some nature- real or faux. Try adding in cranberry sprigs, lush greenery, and those classic fall sunflowers. 


Top Fall Colors ⬇

- Rich Burgundy

- Golden Yellow

- Earthy Brown


Top Textures ⬇

- Chunky Knit

- Velvet

- Leather


Top Fall Patterns ⬇

- Plaid

- Gingham

- Florals



Try adding these colors, patterns & textures to your home & feel the cozy warm vibes that create! 


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