You may think of the dreaded hospital beds when you think of an adjustable base but the truth is adjustable bases have a variety of health benefits to help improve your sleep quality every night and they’re totally normal to have in your home! 


Adjustable bases can…  


1. Reduce Snoring 


Do you snore? Does your bed partner snore? Do you both snore?! If you answered yes to one of these or maybe all of these questions, an adjustable base might be exactly what you need. Snoring can disrupt sleep nearly every night, but an adjustable base can help. An adjustable base can raise your head allowing your airways to be open and clear for optimal breathing.



2. Reduce Acid Reflux


Many people suffer from acid reflux. Acid reflux refers to the stomach acids traveling back up through your esophagus causing lots of pain and discomfort. By raising your head and chest, gravity will be your friend and help keep the stomach acid from entering your esophagus.



3. Reduce Back Pain


When laying flat on a mattress, your spine is compressed and is not in its natural curve. This can cause you to wake up feeling sore or stiff. An adjustable base can alleviate this pain by conforming to your body and helping keep your spine aligned with its natural curve.



4. Improve Circulation & Reduce Swelling


When laying flat, your blood can not flow as easily through your body, your legs may swell overnight from this. By slightly raising your legs, your blood circulation improves.



5. Improve Comfort when sleeping


Adjustable bases can adjust to your body. It gives you pressure where you need it and alleviates it where necessary. It will gently cradle your hips and shoulders and support your spine. This will allow you to feel comfortable all night long.




Old Brick Recommendations: 


Our sales team is happy to lend a helping hand in finding the right mattress & adjustable base for you & your needs. Whether you’ve done all the research and know exactly what you want or have no idea what you’re looking for- we can help you every step of the way. 


Top Recommendations 


Ease 4.0 Adjustable Power Base by Sealy pair it with the Heraldry Pillowtop Plush 14" Mattress 


COSMO Sydney Adjustable Base by LogicData North America pair it with the Studio Medium Tight Top 14" Mattress 


Tempur-Ergo Power Base pair with the Tempur-ProAdapt Medium 12" Mattress  

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