Imagine this… You just get home from a long shift and can’t wait to finally relax and get comfortable. You shower, do your skincare and brush your teeth. You head into your bedroom to find your partner already asleep. You climb into bed and get comfortable and then all of sudden you hear the snoring. It just gets louder and louder. You don’t think it can get any worse. Then you can feel it- the heat radiating from your mattress. You’re left sweating and listening to your partner's loud snoring. 


Did you know the top two complaints about mattresses include sweating & snoring? That might not be a surprise for people who have gone through the scenario above. 


We are going to talk about the best ways to combat both snoring and sweating! 


First up- Sweating 


We’ve all been there before, waking up in the middle of the night sweating, simply because of your mattress. Typical mattresses radiate a lot of heat that then gets trapped in between the mattress and your blankets. This makes you feel hot and sweaty even if the temperature in your bedroom is low. The best way to help with this is by purchasing a cooling mattress. A cooling mattress is designed to help regulate the heat your body produces overnight. Most use a variety of temperature-regulating gels and memory foams. 


Can’t forget about the snoring! 


Have you laid there listening to your partner snore all night long? Or are you the one that keeps your partner up with your snoring all night long? Sometimes snoring can be caused by medical conditions or even by seasonal allergies. However, sometimes it is because of the position you are sleeping in, chances are you or your partner are not sleeping with enough of an incline. One way you can help alleviate the snoring is to use an adjustable base for your mattress. This will allow you to adjust the incline and get rid of the snoring. 


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