Last month, our designers had the opportunity to participate in the Capital Region Parade of Homes with a self-guided tour of multiple newly designed and built homes. The Parade of Homes allows builders and interior designers to show off their incredible skills and work. Kaitlynn and Nicole, our Old Brick Designers spotted multiple trends while visiting these homes and they happened to snag a few photos! 


Black & Gold 


One huge trend they saw was the colors black & gold. These colors were seen in every home they visited and used in a variety of ways. From simple gold, drawer pulls to luxurious lighting fixtures. The black & gold combination brings in the sophisticated classic feel giving you a high-end look. 


How can you incorporate black and gold into your home? Great question. A quick fix would be adding some black and gold accessories. Think lamps, rugs, and a statement mirror for an instant pop. Customization will give you a one-of-a-kind look for your space. 


Pair the Wesling End Tables with the Magalie Table Lamps for a more subtle nod to this trend




Moody & Dramatic 


Similar to the addition of black and gold, our designers noticed that there was a moody color palette featured in many of the homes. A moody color palette includes darker colors instead of the bright whites often seen. These colors create the look and feel of drama often making a bold but beautiful statement. 


Style the Leather Sofa by Craftmaster for a dark moody look! 









Plants Plants Plants 


With everyone stuck at home during the pandemic a lot of people became plant parents. Plants and natural-looking pots can be incorporated into indoor designs. Plants can be very beneficial for your health and keep the air clean! If you are looking for plants to bring into your home and are not sure where to start, here is a great list to get you started whether you are a new plant parent or a veteran: The Best Houseplants For Every Home And Skill Level





Bold & Beautiful Prints 


Prints are coming back in unique places such as upholstered sofas, chairs, and benches. You can mix and match and bring in your own personal style and charm with different patterns. We can embrace our inner child with fun patterns that remind us of the popular patterns growing up! What were your favorite patterns as a child?  


Check out the Janesley Accent Chair for a beautiful print with a pop of color! 




If you are inspired to redesign or restyle your living space contact our Design Studio Today and start working with them! We offer a wide variety of services and no project is too small!