If you've read our previous blog you've learned that the pillow you choose can greatly impact your quality of sleep. That's why we recommend the Cosmo and Flow from Bedgear.



The Cosmo and The Flow


Both of these pillows come in four different sizes, 0.0, 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0.


The numbers reference sizes. Each size allows for a higher pillow and adapts to multiple body sizes. The correct size for you depends on your body type and sleeping position.

The Cosmo 


  • Cooling

  • Dual-sided comfort

  • Breathable

  • Conforming support

  • Hypoallergenic


The cooling fabric cover allows you to have the cool side of the pillow every time. 


The pillow is designed to have two sides for dual-sided comfort. One side is firmer and the other side softer. This allows you to switch back and forth between firm or soft by just flipping the pillow over. 


Cosmo comes with a removable, washable cover that is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial- perfect for a clean sleep each night! 





The Flow 


  • Dual-sided comfort

  • Conforming support 

  • Enhanced airflow

  • Breathable feeling


The fabric featured on this pillow feels like a cozy t-shirt that gives a soft and comfy sensation. Flow comes with dual-sided comfort- one side is softer and the other is firm. This allows you to choose your comfort level with a quick flip. 


In addition, Flow features mesh panels and air vents for cross-ventilation which helps regulate your body temperature. 






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