Accent chairs can make or break the décor of your space, choosing the perfect chair can add a layer of interest, style, and a fresh look. BUT, choosing the wrong one can ruin the whole aesthetic of the space. When choosing the right chair it’s important to consider the purpose of the chair. Is it for aesthetic purposes or for binging TV, reading books + hosting guests? If It’s a cute little accent to finish off the space, look for a great piece at a nice value like our Jofran Chairs. If the chair is going to be used on the regular, we suggest something that is not only attractive but comfortable like our Best Swivel Chairs.  

















How many chairs can you fit?!


If the room can accommodate it my favorite layout includes a pair of chairs with a round table in the middle. It’s a great little conversation area to enjoy your morning coffee or wind down after a long day. 




Accent Chair Styles 


It’s time to chat style! The style of the accent chair will set the tone of the room. There are so many style options to play with but it’s important to think about what style and fabrics will jive with your space.  Do you want a club chair or a wingback – basically, no arms or arms? A trendy chair or a traditional one? Or bring a whole statement to your space by choosing a truly unique chair. Accents chairs are the piece to incorporate your personality- pick a style, or fabric that represents YOU!  An accent chair can add a bit of whimsy fun or sass to a room but it should not off-road too much for your home’s style! If you’re looking to stay neutral + versatile, keep the below tips in mind while you shop.


Tips to finding a versatile chair to suit your existing space: 

• work with the color palette in our home
• have similar scale and proportion
• and are very comfortable


Now we’ll share a few of our favorite Old Brick accent chairs! Not seeing what you want or need? Chat with our team today and we’ll connect you with one of our skilled interior designers to help find just what you need! 



The Queen Ann wing chair is made for that classic stately home. This chair is notoriously a smaller scale accent chair with a firm supportive sit done in a classic floral pattern or small diamond dot. 




The Darby swivel chairs usually have a more casual vibe and are a great option for a spot in your room that has multiple functions. These chairs have a higher arm and are great for hanging out and having conversations. 





Chairs like the Kelanie are a designer's personal favorite as they add so much interest into a space. They typically combine patterns with the added feel of an earthy element with a wood frame. These tend to feel more open and airy so if you have a small-scaled space these are a great option. They come in all shapes, styles, and sizes but we can't get enough of the Kelanie. 


Picking Patterns + Colors


Accents chairs are the piece to incorporate your personality- pick a style, or fabric that represents YOU!  While a sold accent chair is great, one with pattern and color can really set the tone for the room and be the link that brings all the materials together. A general rule of thumb is a solid textural sofa with patterned throw pillows, then an accent chair in a smaller scale pattern that contains all colors from the rest of the room in a more compact scale, like a great stripe or plaid!


Where can you place an accent chair??


While accents chairs are most often placed in the main living room. With work from home being such a big thing these days, we know there's a growing demand for them in other spaces as well. I have a lot of clients who are looking for something a bit more stylish vs a regular office chair with wheels. We also incorporate accents chairs into primary bedrooms to give people a spot to sit and put their socks on in the morning or simply to enjoy a good book. 




Alright, you've got an idea on how to pick the best accent chair for your style, space, needs + wants! Next, we want to remind you to add a bit of extra style to it. Once you have your new furniture in home, the fun part comes - decorating + styling! Your chair can stand alone, or you can add a cute side table with a lamp. If it's near a wall, add wall art that'll play off the colors or patterns in your chair. If it's going to be a reading space, find a trendy magazine rack to place next to it so your books + magazines are always readily available. That's it, that's all of our tips! If you find you're still not sure where to start, don't stress. Our team of designers are here to help ease the shopping + styling process.  Blog contributed in collaboration with our Design team.