Organizing a home can be quite a daunting task and can at times be demotivating. Let’s take it one room at a time. Starting with rooms you use the most. Pull out items you haven’t used in the last year, if it doesn’t spark joy, out it goes. Let this be your opportunity to purge, clean, organize + rearrange to create a new to you space.


1. Let's have FUN: Make it less of a task and more of a Funday Sunday. Create a game, blast the music + schedule a break/snack (don’t forget to clean up those crumbs though!). 


2. Add Storage: Don’t be afraid to add storage space to your home. Organize your clutter in a stylish way with a new bookcase, chest, storage bench, or even a hall tree! Let’s not forget about drawers, they're equally as important as the rest of your home. Add a few drawer organizers to minimize digging through a cluttered mess when you’re searching for a pen you need at that moment. 


3. Clutter: if you have items that you can’t seem to part with, that’s okay! Your clutter will quickly go into incognito mode with a new storage cabinet, chest, or bookcase! 


4. Rearranging: If your space isn’t optimized for seasonal placement changes, you can still rearrange on a smaller scale. Swap out décor and wall hangings each season, re-arrange your bookcase + create a new look for a refreshed home style. 


5. The big project: If you really need a full change and are up for the challenge, re-design a whole room, entryway, pantry, or any space that you use often and could use a refresh. Ready for a full change but aren’t sure where to start? Our team of skilled Interior Designers are here to take the stress away and create a vision for your space. 


Now that you’ve got a starting place for your Spring organization + cleaning project, it’s time to give you ideas for organizational furniture! 


Old Brick Storage Solutions 


Bookcases: They’re not just for books but they do sit well here! Add a few treasures you’ve collected over time to create a unique style. 




Cabinets + Chests: This is the perfect place for you to organize + place the items you’re not ready to get rid of yet. Place items you don’t need daily or weekly here, let them stay hidden. You’ll use the top of your cabinet or chest to create a beautiful decorative display. Pro tip: swap the décor seasonally to stay on trend with mother nature. Cabinets and chests are also great for crafters who really just need a bit of extra storage for supplies or maybe even a bit of extra workspace!






Storage Benches: Find the perfect storage bench for your entryway or mudroom. Storage benches are very much about the function + style paired together, store your hats + mittens while you enjoy the warmer seasons.  Take a seat on a trendy piece of furniture while you get your feet dressed for the day! 





Hall Tree: Perfect for spring coats and umbrellas, Hall Trees can quickly and easily put an end to the “pile” habit at the end of day of work. Create a home for coats, hats + items that are typically removed upon entering the home, and you’ll quickly be able to ditch the “pile” habit. 




Are motivated and ready to start an organizing + cleaning frenzy?!?  Document your process with before + after photos. We'd love to see your tidy + organized homes. Use #myoldbrick for a chance to have your home featured on Old Brick social media, e-mails, and maybe even our website. We're already can't wait to see it!