No guest bedroom? No problem. 


The holiday season can be a time of joy but can also be stressful.


Here at Old Brick, we carry a variety of furniture to make your home comfortable, stylish, and most importantly functional for every season. 


If you have guests in and out of your home during the holiday season but don’t have a dedicated guest bedroom, here are ideas on alternative guest bedroom options.


Sleeper Sofas


It may be time to upgrade to a sleeper sofa. A sleeper sofa is a great air mattress alternative and adds a more comfortable place for guests to rest rather than an air mattress. 


Sleeper sofas work in smaller spaces or spaces with little room. A sleeper sofa doubles as a place to sit and relax and then pulls out for a great night's sleep. 


Most sleeper sofas only require you to remove the top cushions and pull out the mattress to create a bed! However, there are some sofas where you do not actually have to remove any cushions just simply pull the back section of the couch up and it flips over into the mattress for an even easier setup.



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Depending on your style and needs, a futon is another great option. Futons work for spaces that don’t get used as often such as an office, finished basement, or playroom. 


The futon acts as both a place to sleep & a place to sit which makes it great for multi-purpose rooms.


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Make sure you are ready for this holiday season and if you are looking for help or inspiration- get started with our Design Team Today!