The perfect rug can complete your space and be a statement piece/conversation starter. Rugs come in all shapes, sizes and colors – we believe there’s a rug for each room. A rug for each room?! We know that’s a lot and trust us – we know rug shopping can be overwhelming. That’s why we at Old Brick have Interior Designers on hand to assist you – let us help make your rug shopping adventure a little easier. We’ll break it down; how to pick the size and style and how the heck do you keep your new rug(s) clean?! Let’s dive right in with rug sizes and placement!


While rugs come in nearly every size imaginable – what size(s) work for your space?













Did you know the size of your rug is just as important as the style and color/patterns?! As we mentioned, rugs can pull a space together, but size matters! We’re going to help you pick the perfect size for the most common living spaces; living room, dining room and bedroom.

  • First, you’ll want to assess and measure your space. Think about areas that are eaten up by items such as appliances, cabinets, fireplaces and nooks. Once you have the full dimensions of your space, you can then start to narrow down rug placement and sizes. If you want full floor coverage, you’re making it easy for yourself — measure up and shop online! If your rug is going to float in your room with another flooring surface surrounding it — let’s get into a few details of rug placement…
  • Living Room: You’ll want to ensure your rug is large enough to fit under all four legs of your coffee table and at least the front legs of your upholstered furniture (your sofa or sectional). It’s standard to have the front legs placed on the rug as it helps to ground and unite all items in your space. However, if you have a large space you may be able to accommodate a larger rug which then would fit under all legs of your upholstered furniture.
  • Dining Room: First things first! A dining room rug should be 3-4 feet larger than your dining table – on all ends, both length and width. Make sure your rug isn’t pesky to your guests – they might not come back (HAHA, we’re kidding, of course they’ll be back – unless it was a bad dinner!). Why 3-4 feet?! 3-4 feet will provide ample space for your guests when they pull out their chairs; when they do, the rug should remain under all 4 legs of the chair.
  • Bedrooms: Your bedroom may already be carpeted but that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of a fun trendy rug! If your bedroom isn’t already carpeted, consider a rug large enough for all furniture to sit on, even your bed! However, if that feels like too much rug for you, pick a rug that fits under the bottom two legs at the foot of the bed to fill some of the empty space of the room. Fun thought!: ANGLE the rug to break up the boxy feeling OR pick smaller rugs that can be layered and play off one another.

So now you’ve got an idea of what rug size you need. Do you even know which style you like?! Let’s review what styles ARE and narrow down your options! There are three main rug style categories; traditional, contemporary, transitional. Lets dive in!

  • Traditional Style: European + Asian designs meet the 21st century. Traditional rugs are typically inspired by European and Asian tastes with a modern touch. Traditional rugs should not be confused with Oriental and Persian rugs, these are handcrafted from fibers made only in the Middle East. Traditional rugs are usually your classic floral and medallion patterns.
  • Contemporary Style: Think modern, bold and colorful. Contemporary rugs are the styles of today with a bold attitude. These are your statement rugs or the “WOW” of a room – a piece of art for your floor. You’ll find some retro and geometric designs paired with bold colors – mainly primary colors.
  • Transitional Style: The best of both worlds: a combination of Traditional + Contemporary but with a casual, everyday living feel. Transitional rugs have a vast variety, since they’re a combination of two styles, options are nearly endless! You’ll find a mix of florals, colors, and patterns!


















So we’re getting closer; you’ve explored the size rug you need, better understand rug styles and you already know where to find the best variety and prices (*hint, it’s at Old Brick!)… Let’s now chat about how you can maintain your brand new rug and keep it looking like new for as long as possible!

Firstly, if you’re worried about accidents remember, we offer rug protection plans starting $79+. Now, even if you purchase our rug protection plan, it’s wise to keep up with general maintenance. Below we’re providing you with our top 5 rug care tips!

  1. Use a rug pad to extend the life of your rug, as well as keep it from slipping around
  2. Vacuum on the regular to remove surface dirt, crumbs and pet dander
  3. Never pull threads from your rug, carefully cut them as they work their way to the top
  4. Clean spills + accidents as soon as they happen; remember to blot rather than rub
  5. Rotate your rugs one a year and twice for high traffic areas; this helps your rug to wear more evenly.

PHEW! Now, the fun can begin! Since you’ve learned how to pick out and care for your soon-to-be new rug, it’s time to shop! We’ve got you covered (pun intended) with plenty of trending styles, colors and patterns. We know it can be hard to start your rug shopping journey and hope that you found our rug guide helpful! If you’re still lost, head to our website to chat with an Interior Designer – they’re always looking for design dilemmas to help solve! Keep them on their toes, ask all the questions!