It’s World Sleep Day and your friends here at Old Brick want to help make sure you’re getting the best rest possible! Today we’re going to introduce you to Bedgear and how their products can help improve your sleep quality…after all, you deserve the best sleep you can get!

Firstly, did you know that we spend about 2 hours a night dreaming?! We spend two hours gallivanting through the world, going on countless adventures we might not remember – bet you’ll remember if you were comfortable all night! Did you also know that your body temperature drops 1-2 degrees while you’re sleeping and that the optimal temperature for sleeping is anywhere between 60 – 70 degrees? If you have a family you may not be able to drop the temperature quite as low during the night but don’t worry, the Bedgear lineup is filled with products that are designed to draw heat AWAY from your body while you’re sleeping! Pretty neat right?! Let’s get to it before you fall asleep (we’re kidding, we know you wouldn’t fall asleep reading our blog).


The mattress you sleep on plays a BIG role in the quality of your sleep. Bedgear has a few options to help you optimize your sleep! Have a partner who requires different sleep needs than you? Don’t worry, they’ve got a mattress for that too!

M3 Mattress – We’ll start with the M3 series. This mattress is neat – it features dual-sided independent suspension! Each sleeper can select their preferred level of comfort ranging from 0.0 to 3.0 (0.0 is the most firm, 3.0 is the softest). M3 has multi-layer cushioning which means it’ll provide a weightless support for your body; it’ll absorb any movements from your partner during the night (no more pesky bathroom trips to disturb you).

Shop the M3 Mattress in-store – it’s customizable!

S Mattress Collection (bed in box) – With this collection you have 3 mattress options to choose from: S3, S5 + S7 (S3 being the most firm and S7 the most plush). These mattresses are perfect for our online shoppers, they’ll come as a “bed in box” for a super simple setup! This mattress series is not customizable for each sleeper – if you and your partner have very different needs, the M3 might be for you!

Shop the S series mattress collection online or in-store!

All Bedgear mattresses are designed to provide you with quality sleep while providing airflow to help reduce sweat + heat buildup as well as ventilating the mattress to keep it cool. Wondering what’s next?! We’re thinking the Bedgear pillows are going to give the dreams of your dreams!


Bedgear has 3 pillow series for you to select from! You’ll need to decide what height / size you’ll need. Feeling unsure how to decide such a thing?! No worries, at all of our showrooms, our teams are trained to help you understand what size pillow is best for you and your sleep habits! (We’ll give you a hint: the way you sleep will play a big role in which pillow size is best for you!) There’s a pillow for everyone – side, stomach, back and multi-position sleepers. The Bedgear pillows have patented technology to keep the air flowing in and around the pillow helping to control your body temperature while you’re sleeping.

They also have removable covers making it easy to toss them into the wash! Most importantly, they’re filled with fill that provides pressure relief to your head and neck while you’re sleeping.


Mattress protectors are usually the last thing you think of and are often forgotten. Did you know that the Bedgear mattress protectors have a 1 year manufacturer warranty AND a 10 year warranty when purchased with any mattress. The protectors are machine washable, lightweight, soft and even have a noiseless waterproof barrier. (Just don’t use liquid fabric softener or fabric softener sheets as they clog the breathability of the fabric which help to keep you cool). Wondering why it’s important to have one? They’ll protect your mattress from accidental stains, spills, pet dander, dust mites, fluids, mold and mildew. Clean sleep is the best sleep!

Are you ready to shop Bedgear and fuel your sleep to be the best it can be?! Head to our website + start shopping, or chat with the sales team to schedule your free pillow fitting today.