Vision Board season has arrived! Okay, technically National Vision Board day is TODAY (January 8th).  Have you thought about creating a 2022 vision board for your home? We’ve been spending lots of extra time at home these last couple of years, are you ready for a freshen-up? 

Did you know that vision boards are designed to create a positive outlook that motivates you into turning your dreams and goals into reality? They’re used for everything: creating a whole new vision for your home, manifesting changes in your career or love life, planning dream weddings, and even wardrobe inspiration! 

Nowadays, vision boards have moved into the digital world with a few people still crafting them from magazine scraps. Pick your format and get to work. You can create your vision board in Canva, Pages app on IOS (or Android version), basically any place you can compile lots of imagery. From there, find anything that sparks joy in regards to your vision (home, wedding, or wardrobe) – this could be a color swatch that stands out, a piece of hardware, a font, a person, quotes – anything and everything that will inspire and motivate you to manifest your vision into reality. 

Don’t forget to keep your vision board in view, you want to see it and be inspired by it every day, multiple times a day. Now, let’s dig into freshening up your home in 2022. We’ve created a couple of ideas for you! 

How to create your vision for 2022

• Pick your inspirational piece - a fabric you cannot live without, a piece of furniture you fell in love with, or amazing artwork that will make the entire space come together.

• If your inspiration was a fabric, build on it. Create depth and cohesion by selecting other fabrics for the space that all work together. Good things come in threes: mix a large bold pattern, like a floral, with a smaller scale stripe or geometric print, and then a textural solid to anchor the fabrics together.

• If you found a unique console that you want to base your refresh around - focus on layering that piece with the right scale lamps and anchor it with the perfect piece of artwork above. Make sure your lamps do not overpower your piece. You want to be able to center the lamp base on the console and still have a few inches to the front and back where the shade does not overhang.

• When freshening up your space do not forget about the area rug. An area rug anchors all furnishings in the space and offers pattern and texture to soften any room. The largest design mistake made is buying an area rug that is too small for the space. 

• In your living room you want the area rug to have the front legs of all the furniture on it. In your bedroom you want the area rug to come out on each side of the bed by at least 12" and come up the bed far enough so that when you get out of bed you get the benefit of a soft rug underfoot.

• The most forgotten part of any project are windows. There is no better way to freshen up your space than to take down those dusty old blinds and update your windows with beautiful new natural shades. They add texture and richness to your space and come in so many material options they can accommodate any design aesthetic. Layer these with updated curtain hardware and fresh linen draperies and your space will feel complete.

Home Vision Board Inspiration

Clean sleek lines and predominantly muted neutrals or bold punches of brightness characterize this style. Furniture in contemporary interiors tends to keep a low profile, and its often-metal frames and straight legs. Graphic or abstract artwork and accents are the finishing touches.









Mid Century style is characterized by simplicity, functionality, and natural shapes. Autumnal oranges, yellows, olive greens, and chocolate browns are frequently used in this design style that drives lots of inspiration from Scandinavian style furnishings. Mid Century style homes usually feature floor to ceiling glass to let the beauty of the outdoors in - making most window treatments nonexistent.




This is not a style you will find on a style quiz, but it serves this inspiration board so well. This fun aesthetic is characterized by bright, cheerful colors and whimsical patterns. For those who are brave enough to give it a chance, you will fall in love with this feel-good aesthetic.





We know Joanna Gaines has this look on lockdown, and while it is seen everywhere and widely used, there is something you must love about it. From the use of warm textural tones, mixing plaids and stripes with distressed woods, you can't help but to feel at home. A natural way to introduce color into these rooms is by using greenery. If you have a green thumb add houseplants to the space to create a fresh look, if not we have great accessory lines that have amazing faux greenery to warm up any space.


Okay, now that you have an idea on how to get started – GET STARTED! Create your vision board and start manifesting! You’ll soon find the motivation to turn your home into a whole new space. 

If you share on social media, be sure to tag us. We’d love to see your vision, and more importantly, help you in any way we can. Our team of skilled interior designers are here to bring your vision to life, don’t be afraid to go big – we’re here for you!