When it comes to mattresses you may have a lot of questions and here at Old Brick, we are here to answer your most asked questions & the ones you think only you've thought of. 


Most Frequently Asked Mattress Questions


What is a foundation? Do I need it? 

A foundation is a solid base for your mattress. Traditionally your mattress will sit on top of the foundation rather than on the ground itself. Sometimes your bed will have slats to support your mattress so you don't always need a foundation. 


What is the difference between a boxspring & a foundation? 

A box spring is not solid- there is “give”, while a foundation is a solid base- there is no sinking. 


Do I need a boxspring? 

If your bed has no support, meaning there are no slats or grids holding the mattress in place then you'll need a boxspring. If there is support in the bed already, you don't need one but still may want one. 


Do I need to rotate my mattress?

Yes! We recommend rotating your mattress 1-2 times a year. 


Why do I need an adjustable base?

There are various health benefits to using an adjustable base such as reducing snoring, acid reflux, and back pain. While also helping to improve blood circulation.


Is it okay to bend a mattress when moving? 

When carrying and moving a mattress it is okay to flex the mattress through doorways but try to avoid bending as this will cause damage to the mattress. Short on space? Check out the information below on Mattress in a Box.


Can I move a mattress by myself? 

We recommend at least two people for moving a mattress. With a qualifying mattress purchase from Old Brick, our team will remove your old mattress! 


How do I clean my mattress? 

First, you should always have a mattress protector on your mattress. Mattress protectors help keep your mattress clean from spills, pet hair, allergens, and more. The only recommended method of cleaning your mattress would be vacuuming. If you have a stain, use a mild soap with cold water and apply it, be careful not to soak your mattress. Cleaning fluids can damage materials in the mattress. Shop Mattress Protectors  


What is a mattress in a box? 

A mattress in a box is the next big thing in mattresses! Brands like Purple and Nectar design mattresses that are rolled up and sealed in a box. These mattresses require several hours to expand once out of the packaging. These are great options for small spaces where a traditional mattress is unable to bend, a mattress in a box is contained until opened! Shop Mattress in a Box


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